Tattoos – Your Health Is at Risk

The detrimental side effects of tattoos are known, but are often being ignored. Many just assume that tattooing is safe because of its popularity. Others simply fail to do their research before being injected with dies, plastics and paints. Many feel that since tattoo parlors are regulated, then the ink should be to, but that’s just not true. The potential of infection with life changing infections is also present. The biggest health risk is due to heavy metal poisoning due to tattoo ink. There are things everyone should know before they are tattooed. I will endeavor to inform you of the major risks.

The risks associated with tattooing can be described as skin related diseases, end organ disease (liver, kidney, brain) and heavy metal poisoning. There are ways to avoid these effects of tattooing and I will share those with you. But first, let’s look at some statistics.

According to Statistic Brain (2016),
• Americans spend a whopping 1.655 Billion dollars on tattoos annually.
• Americans that have at least one tattoo totals 45 Million people.
• The percentage of people who regret getting a tattoo is 17%.
• The percentage of Americans getting a tattoo removed is 11%.

Why are People Getting Tattoos?

These statistics are staggering numbers to me. It is surprising that this many people want to risk their health for skin art. People are motivated to get tattoos for a variety of reasons ranging from wearing art on their skin, remembering a loved one or to look sexy or dangerous. The motivation is unimportant for today’s topic, but I just wanted to give you a little background.

The Dangers of Tattoo Ink Carriers

What are the dangers of tattoo ink carriers? Carriers are used to keep the ink, plastic or paint evenly distributed during application and inhibits the growth of pathogens (bacteria/viruses). Please understand that these ingredients are not regulated for use in tattooing by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in most states.
• Ethyl Alcohol – rubbing alcohol is for use externally and should not be injected into the skin. It can cause skin drying, irritation and can negatively affect nerves.
• Glycerin – it is the sugar alcohol glycerol and can cause increased urination and diarrhea.
• Listerine – is an alcohol based concoction of menthol, methyl salicylate, thymol (from thyme oil), and eucalyptol (liquid derived from eucalyptus oil). It can cause skin irritation and localized allergic reactions.
• Propylene Glycol – is the primary ingredient in antifreeze which can be damaging to your liver and kidneys.

The Dangers of Tattoo Ink

That was just the carriers. What is in each color of ink? Many of these inks have ingredients that you shouldn’t even apply to the skin, much less inject into the blood rick lower layer of skin. The epidermis is the outer layer of skin that is made up of dead skin cells and acts as a whole body bandage. It protects us from bacteria and viruses. The dermis is the living skin underneath the epidermis. Things injected into the dermis can be carried away by the bloodstream to all parts of the body. That’s why we get infections when we have a cut or scrape of our skin. The protective epidermis is damaged.

What is in the ink? Most inks contain acrylic resin (plastic molecules), but they also contain other ingredients. They are listed below by color as per Helmenstine (2017) and my own research.

• Black ink – Iron oxide (rust), charcoal or carbon – this is probably the least dangerous ink. The amount of Iron oxide should be inadequate to cause iron toxicity. Ask the tattoo artist to use purified water as a carrier.
• Blue Ink – Copper, carbonite (azurite), sodium aluminum silicate (lapus lazuli), calcium copper silicate (Egyptian blue), cobalt aluminum oxides and chromium oxides. Copper can lead or contribute to heavy metal poisoning. Aluminum has been proven to attribute to Alzheimer’s disease and gastrointestinal disorders.
• Brown ink – Iron oxide and iron ochre clay – this is probably as safe as black ink and for the same reasons.
• Green ink – Chromium oxide and Malachite, lead chromate and the synthetic compound Cu phthalocyanine are used and only the first two are considered moderately safe. Lead chromate is derived from lead which is toxic even in low doses. Cu phthalocyanine is an unregulated compound of copper and can cause skin irritation and respiratory irritation.
• Orange ink – Disazodiarylide and/or disazopyrazolone, and cadmium sulfate make orange ink. The first two are considered safe, but the cadmium sulfate is considered toxic and possibly cancer causing.
• Purple – Manganese violet, quinacridone and dioxazine and the first of these is considered safe. Quinacridone is an FDA approved food coloring, but has caused localized skin reactions.
• Red – Cinnabar, cadmium red, iron oxide and naphthol-AS pigment are the various components of red ink. It is considered by most to be the most toxic color of tattoo ink. Cinnabar is derived from mercury sulfate and is devastating to the nervous system. Cadmium red is a known cancer causing agent. Naphthol-AS pigment is used in red paints.
• Yellow – Cadmium sulfate, Ochre,curcuma yellow, chrome yellow and some are safe and others are not. Cadmium sulfate is derived from lead and is toxic. Yellow derived from the spice turmeric or curcuma yellow is considered safe. The problem with yellow is the volume that must be used to provide a vibrant yellow color, so local irritation of the skin often occurs.
• White – Titanium dioxide, lead white, barium sulfate and zinc oxide (the stuff you smear on your nose at the beach). Titanium dioxide has caused cancer in lab animals. Lead white is considered a cancer causing agent in humans. Barium is derived from the metal barium and is used in barium swallows for gastrointestinal tests, but when injected can cause skin irritation.
• Glow in the dark ink – made up of compounds that are toxic and in some cases radioactive. This again is unregulated in most states.

Some of these compounds can be considered safe, but testing still needs to be done. Some of these compounds are toxic and can cause heavy metal poisoning as the copper, lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic and aluminum leach into your blood stream. Aluminum inks can also hasten the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Some of these inks cause cancer and have known mutagenic properties (cause mutations and birth defects) per Genser (2007). The FDA should be regulating these inks, but in most states they are not. Most states have started regulating tattoo parlors though and at least that’s a start.

Regulation of tattoo parlors has greatly decreased the rate of serious infection. Use of disposable needles has made the great impact. In the past, in unregulated tattoo parlors, the risk for getting hepatitis B & C, HIV, tetanus, herpes, staph and syphilis were a real threat. Regulation and disposable one-use needles have eliminated this risk (as long as the regulations are followed).

One other major concern with tattoo art is the fact that lifesaving MRI scans cannot be done in certain instances. This is because the metals in the ink cause intense burning pain for the patient. This has prompted many radiology departments to refuse to perform MRI scans on patients with tattoos, per Grenser (2007). This could cause resulting misdiagnosis or the inability to diagnose.

There are safe tattoo inks out there that are willing to divulge their tattoo formulas. There are many more that are dangerous tattoo inks that are unregulated. Many manufacturers refuse to divulge the formula as secret proprietary information. The carriers used to evenly distribute ink can also potentially be unsafe. Both the inks or carriers are not regulated by the FDA and regulation of tattoo art is the responsibility of each individual state.


Tattoo at your own risk. Tattoos can be safe or hazardous depending on your preparation for the tattoo. Talk to the tattoo artist. Ask them what carrier solution they use. Ask them the composition of their ink. Choose your colors by which colors are least toxic. Make sure the tattoo artist’s shop has an active Health Department certificate. Ask them for their Health Department sanitation score. If you feel you must get a tattoo, please do your research and make an informed decision. I personally recommend that you don’t get a tattoo. There are just too many risks for minor irritations and lingering side effects like cancer, scaring, granulomas, infection, toxicity and infections, per Mishra (2013). I don’t think it’s worth the risk, but it’s your body. Just please study-up and make an informed decision.


Best 10 Tips for Online Dating

Dating through the Internet is a marvelous way to meet people from all the corners of the World and to even find a spouse. But we have to confess that when dating online we meet people we know nothing about except what they have told us, which may or may not be true. Because of this fact there is a list of tips for safe online dating which could contribute a lot.

Tip No.1

Coming first, and the top and main rule is to respect our common sense. All the other tips result from this.

Tip No.2

Choose the dating websites which offer maximum security and privacy. This means that your identity, your email address and all of your other information remain private. You are more likely to come across potentially unpleasant individuals on the free online dating websites, so it is better, if possible to choose online dating websites which offer a membership with a monthly fee, because these offer better protection.

Tip No.3

Describe yourselves as you are. Because everything is anonymous you should not fear being recognized. We become members to these sites with a purpose, wanting to meet a specific type of person. Having in mind that you will want to meet this person in person at a certain point in time it would be very unpleasant if you give false information about yourself like your height, weight, the color of your hair etc.

Tip No.4

If you want to find real love, be extra careful for the married types. You can spot these people because they don’t usually put their pictures in their profile, do not contact you at a regular basis, never give their home number and usually don’t answer their phone, but call you later. Use your intuition and you’ll easily realize if someone is married or not.

Tip No.5

Love at the first click-not very likely to happen. Be careful if someone expresses their love to you after a couple of emails. This is usually done by the ones who want to sell you something at the expense of your naivety.

Tip No.6

Do not believe in very sad or tragic stories, especially if it ends in someone asking for money. Never send money to anyone. There are people on these pages that are there just to use you in some way, get money from you or sell you something.

Tip No.7

Stay aware of the course your communication is taking so you can learn more about the person, and notice whether the person avoids certain topics. That can be a sign of some qualities people want to hide. Be a psychologist but don’t let that make you too rigid and transform you into a detective. Be relaxed and careful. You should set the speed your relationship will develop on and don’t let someone rush you to the next step.

Tip No.8

When you meet someone don’t rush into giving your personal information right away. Open a different email address which will not include your name. If you decide to talk over the phone be sure to hide your number. Do this because if you give your number and name someone with bad intentions can easily come to your other personal information as your address your income…

Tip No.9

Once you’ve decided to meet in the real world first ask for a recent picture, make the date somewhere in public, organize your own transportation, don’t give your address and refuse the offer to be walked home. It’s also good if your first meeting is made in the company of your friends.

These simple tips can be of use so you don’t become a target of people with bad intentions. Once again, Tip No.1 and Tip No. 10 is FOLLOW YOUR COMMON SENSE.


Welcome to the World of Online Dating

Online dating has crept its way up to the Number One way to meet fellow singles in today’s hectic society. Providing people young and old with the opportunity to shop online for their perfect mate, online dating is a fun and exciting way to meet millions of others without even leaving the comfort of your home!

For those of you who are new to online dating, here’s a quick and easy guide to getting started on your very own journey to finding love on the net;

Find a site that suits YOU. There are hundreds of sites out there to choose from including free ones or subscription ones, gay or straight, special interests to standard basics; it’s up to you. Spend some time browsing various online dating sites to get a feel for what you like – and what you definitely don’t like – before deciding on the one for you.

Whilst looking at the different sites, you’ll probably read a lot of profiles. The more profiles you read, the better educated you will be at the online dating do’s and don’ts as well as get to know your competition. Make your profile unique and eye catching by avoiding other peoples mistakes and selling yourself with quality information. Your profile is literally an advertisement for you, so allow the true you to shine through.

Once you’ve written your profile, get someone who knows you well to read it. A good friend will be honest and tell you if you’re selling yourself short, sound too cheesy or if you should add anything else. Online dating is nothing to be ashamed of so don’t be afraid to get help when creating your profile.

Your choice of photos is just as important if not more so than your profile. Most people will look at your picture before deciding whether or not to read about you, so select pictures carefully. Get a friend to snap you doing something that you enjoy naturally; not posing. A picture says a thousand words so make sure you choose flattering (yet honest!) photos.

Once you’re happy with your profile and pictures you can begin your online dating adventure. Take your time and read as many profiles as you can. When you find people who interest you; make your move. Email them a short but sweet message expressing your interest and ask a few questions relating to their profile. The more messages you send, the more replies you’ll get! Just remember to be genuine and never send out a bulk email; you won’t fool anyone.

When you have exchanged a couple of emails with someone, you should arrange a phone conversation. When you have spoken on the phone and feel comfortable with one another, you should arrange a first date as soon as possible. If you spend too much time writing emails back and forth the other person could get bored and you are more likely to build unrealistic expectations of each other. The sooner you meet, the sooner you will realise if it is meant to be or not!
By following these Six Simple Steps you are sure to have a lot of fun and meet an abundance of interesting people. Please remember; always use your manners and thank people for their dates, even if you are not interested. Treat potential partners how you expect to be treated at all times and you are guaranteed to learn a lot about yourself, others and the world of dating.


How Do Russian Dating Sites Work?

Russian dating sites have become very common on the internet today with so many people raving about them. These sites have become popular largely due to the growing number of people looking for partners on the internet. Since the world is now a village, it is now easy for people from various corners of the world to date Russian men and women. So if you really want to have a partner from Russia, you should join one of the reputable Russian dating sites. The good thing is that there is a great assortment of sites that you can choose from.

However, before you join any of these sites there are several important factors that you need to bear in mind. For instance, you need to know the different types of these sites that exist in Russia so that you can be able to choose one that is more ideal for you. It is also important to know how much it will cost you to become a member of any of these sites. Even though most of these sites are free to join, there are some that charge a small registration fee. Therefore it is good to compare rates from different Russian dating sites before you settle on any of them.

As a rule, you have to understand how Russian dating sites work before you decide to enroll in any of them. This will help you to succeed in your search of a Russian partner. There are several crucial steps that you need to follow whenever you are joining a Russian dating site. For starters, you should begin by signing up. Since most of these sites depend on their customers to survive, they make the registration process very simple. What is more, Russian dating sites make connecting with new partners easier and secure than most real life methods of dating like blind dates.

To sign up you need to create a unique user name that the site will identify you with. It is therefore advisable to make your user name more interesting. You will also be required to offer important information about yourself including your contacts, full names, age, nationality, profession, medical status, and more. Some Russian dating sites will require you to provide details about your credit card especially if you are supposed to pay monthly fee. But you need to exercise caution when you are giving such details in order to avoid online frauds.

Once you have signed up, you should proceed to create your profile. This is normally the most significant step in joining an online dating site. You need to complete your basic biography including data about your marriage status, locality and date of birth. It is also important to provide details about your interests as well as hobbies. You should make your profile as catchy as possible. There is fierce competition among people looking for love in Russian dating sites.


Free Online Dating Sites: The Different Types Of Dating Sites

Free online dating sites have become very common in recent times. This is due to the fact that many people are coming up with different types of sites. Some of the most common types of websites include:

Relationship oriented sites

These sites are designed to bring together people with similar interests and personalities. Most of the websites are free to join; however, you will be required to give a lot of information about yourself. This is to enable you to thoroughly introduce yourself to potential partners.

Religious based

They are similar to relationship oriented sites; however, the participation of the members is limited to people of a specific religious or cultural group. For example, there could be a site that only allows Christians, Jews, or Hindus to join.

Dating depending on social characteristics

There are some websites that aim at people with specific social characteristics. For example, there could be sites that target university graduates, people living with disabilities, single parents or even those suffering from different diseases such as AIDS or Cancer.

If you are looking for a partner with unique characteristics that you may find difficult to talk about, these are the sites to visit.

Casual dating websites

These are designed to help adults to meet in person in order to date and have sex. There are many sites of this nature and some charge a fee while others are free. While many of the websites are cost effective, you need to be cautious when looking for a potential partner. This is because they are usually not screened or evaluated for safety.

Chat rooms

They are designed to help people to chat in real time. All you need to do in order to chat is to log into the site and chat using text, audio or even video.

You should note that there are many chat rooms that are designed for different audiences; therefore, for you to avoid offense, embarrassment, or even future problems, you should check the chat room and ensure that it’s right for you before you join.

How to be safe on the dating sites

Since there are some people with ill motives, it’s wise to protect yourself online. One of the major things that you should do is to avoid posting sensitive personal information about yourself. For example, you should not post your real name or landline phone number.


This is what you need to know about online dating sites. You should note that a meaningful relationship takes time to grow; therefore, you should not trust too quickly. Before you take the relationship to another level ensure that you first meet in person.


Searching For Love Online



Over the last ten years online dating agencies continue to grow in membership and demand as more and more people find what they call true love from meeting online for the first time. With social media now including over 2 billion users our world is becoming more and more public.

When we put a face to a name it is similar to writing an article that goes online for the first time. People who read your opinions will know where to contact you and how to criticize you. Often this is done openly for everyone to see in the form of a Tweet or a wall post on Facebook.

But when looking for someone to love we should tread a little weary and stay away from facts on your life until you have a chance to meet so that you can use your own intuition about these things. Meeting someone face to face that you have already had a romantic conversation with sounds strange but it is done more and more often every day.

There are a few fascinating stories of lovers meeting for the first time on a dating service that they both have paid in advance for. Some get addicted to the chase and as soon as the person is met and they have a dinner or two together one of them ends the new relationship to start again and look elsewhere.

Some stories of couples who send text and a few pics to each other over a year or two turn out to be things movies are made about. After building up an image of the person because of this communication month after month, the possibility of romance becomes more real.

If romantic conversations are being had online then the chances of the two people being on the same page when they first meet are a lot stronger. However there is no guarantee and there are many sad stories that have been told about a date that should have worked going horribly wrong.

The non-threatening nature of a little text between two potential lovers sounds harmless enough. But there are many stories over the last ten years that have surfaced telling us about how things went wrong. Ranging from ID theft to broken promises, the list is endless.

The best advice is to be cautious as you never know for sure who you are actually talking to with text. Even if there is a beautiful picture attached to the bio, it could all be a scam and we will only know the truth when we meet the person. The meeting should also not be arranged too soon so that all the required information required to make a good choice are freely given.

When you two finally meet it should be with quite a bit of understanding between the two of you so that the basics have all been dealt with. Meeting the person and looking in their eyes when they talk to you is completely different to communicating online because your gut is involved and all your senses are working to ensure that the decision you make next is the correct one.


Investment Ideas For College Students

You have heard it from Mom and Dad all of your life right? Go to high school, get good grades so you can get into a stellar college. Mom and Dad are not that far off base. They both know the value of a college degree. With a college education and degree, your chances of getting a higher paying job are increased and you can earn around $17,500 or more per year that your peers who only have a high school diploma. Now, that might not sound like a lot of money but, that is the average, in many cases it is higher. Time and time again, if you talk to a person who has taken the time to earn their degree, they will tell you without a doubt that they do not regret getting the college education. Most people agree that it is worth the effort to get the college education. What everyone forgets to tell you is how much that college education is going to cost per year. Many people already know that the cost of an education is costly, but, still many people do not understand the figures involved in getting a degree. The average cost to go to a private university is around $48,000. However, upon further research we soon see that $48,000 is a low number. This figure is for a university that might be located a hop, skip and a jump away from the high school that you graduated from.

If you want to go to a top college, with a little more opportunity for advancement, that will cost way over the $60,000 a year mark. That figure of sixty thousand dollars per year does not include other things that are needed for college life. Things like living off campus, some learning materials, food, personal and transportation expenses, entertainment and more are not included in that cost. Now, before you give up on a college education because of the sticker shock price, please remember that there are a number of ways to pay for all these college related expenses. One nice thing about going to college is that most of the students qualify for student loans. Yes, there are places that will loan the student money to help with their education. The down side to this is, regardless of how much the student is able to borrow, it will not be enough to cover everything and they will still be paying off the loan long after they have graduated. Can you imagine paying off a loan years after you have graduated? The fact is, many university students suffer to pay the bills long into their working years.

The cost of living in a university town is another thing to give some thought to. Let’s say you or someone you know, wanted to go to the University of California, the cost of living there could be higher or lower than another university, like, the University of Michigan. So, the big question is: How do people get and pay for a college education and manage stress at the same time? It is a fact that many college students struggle to make ends meet. The average college student attends classes, stays up all night doing their school work and cramming for that examination that they hope they will pass. If that stress was not enough for them, they also worry over the mounting cost of education. As a result of financial issues, they often look to a well off or at least better than they are, father figure to help them with their tuition money and even repaying their loans.

Most people agree it feels great to be able to give back to these college students and take away some of their financial pain. Guardians and mentors can be very helpful. These university students often make arrangements to provide their guardian/mentor with an in-site into their personal life.

There are so many things that a college student go without simply because they cannot find the money to purchase them. Often the issues these college students are dealing with are more than money too, some of them have daddy issues and need the comfort of an older man to talk to and get advice from. Therapy can come in many forms and often starts with open conversations. Getting these college aged students to open up is easy once you show them that someone like you cares about their needs.

These university students are trying their best to get good grades and get the skills they need to enrich the society in which we all live, work and play. With this enormous amount of pressure and stress comes the need to leave off a little steam and have some fun.

Often these students are stuck at their dorm or living area for days on end. There is no telling how helping to touch their lives through some financial support and these life changing therapy sessions.

There are many university aged students who are seeking arrangements that are rewarding and beneficial for both parties. An upfront and honest arrangement is something that can be hard to find in today’s world, however it is easy to find an arrangement when you redefine the expectations. Let’s face it, everyone has hardships and they often put an university student in a rough spot because they don’t always have someone they can talk to.

According to several scientific studies over the years, self esteem has a lot to do with how the brain works and how students learn. As we look at the many teaching methods, it is easy to see that praise is often giving freely to university students because it builds up their confidence. We can all agree that building a university student’s confidence is important in today’s fast paced world.

Can you picture the struggles and other personal issues? Put yourself in the shoes of a university student who is struggling to get by, burdened with all of these pressing issues. Who would you turn to? You would most likely do what every university student does, turn to a father figure who has the ability to help you out. It is a great privilege to be able to help another person. It makes the person who is helping feel empowered just as much as it helps to build the self esteem and reduce stress on the college student.

Think of it this way, every single person has a duty to help another human being. Helping one or more college students secure their education and pay off their student loans, as well as buying the things they need in life is a great responsibility and privilege.


How to Easily Pay Off Student Loans

No one said that paying off a student loan or getting a college education is easy. Everyone encourages us to go to school and get a great education, but, where are those same people when it is time to pay for it all? As we start to research aspects of getting our college education, we quickly see that every university worth going to requires us to pay a hefty sum. Many new university students must take on college loans to pay for school. There are many ways to pay off these loans, but, having a rich uncle or a rich father figure sure could help. Where is that sugar daddy that will help pay off the student loan? If you are the sugar daddy type, you already know that the sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship is extra special. As a sugar daddy who is seeking arrangements starts to do his research, he will see that there are many benefits to establishing a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship. A sugar baby who is going to college will appreciate the allowance her sugar daddy gives her to help her pay off student loans. If there is one thing we can count on, the cost of tuition will continue to get higher each year.

When it comes to a world class education, financial aid and student loans seem to be how most students get through the university year. Every school suggests that the students get financial aid. As an example, Berkeley talks about the cost to attend which is around $40,000 as a base rate. As with every university there are more costs that get added into that figure. Some of those costs are tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, personal costs, transportation, health insurance and more. Students apply for financial aid and they get it, but, it is limited and the student has to take out more loan to pay for the education. Looking at all of these figures and the staggering cost, you start to wonder how the university student makes it without a sugar daddy in the first place. It is not uncommon for a university student to graduate with honors and experience a delay in getting their dream job or any job at all for that matter. The worst part is that these student loans and the money borrowed still drag on long after the graduate has left the university.

During the college education years, many young students look for a father figure that they can relate to. This figure head or Mentor can help them with financial issues like paying off debt associated with student loans or buying new clothes, school supplies and more. Most often this father figure, often called a sugar daddy, will establish a set amount of money for the student he is helping out. Many people wonder why this type of relationship is so easy for both parties to work with and the answer is fairly simple. Just like any relationship, the secret is open communication between the two people. For example, the sugar baby says to the sugar daddy something like, “I would like $300.00 spending money and I need $800.00 to help pay rent and $1000.00 per month for my student loan repayment.” The daddy suggests a figure he can live with based on his needs and the needs of the sugar baby. A winning situation is created with crystal clear communication and everyone is happy. Perhaps the reason these types of relationships work so well is that everything is talked about and agreed upon. Why shouldn’t it be? It is so much easier to plan your life when you have all the facts.

As with everything in life, including college, there can be a learning curve. As the student is experiencing this learning curve associated with adapting to university life, it is much easier for the student to adjust if that student does not have to worry about financial pressures. Many sugar daddy’s love seeking arrangements that allow them to help pay off student loans and get an inside look at the sugar baby’s university life style. Sometimes the sugar daddy is called a guardian and the sugar baby is called a brat. The term brat is often used because the guardian loves to take great care of the brat and spoil their brat rotten with all kinds of gifts, money and more. Both the brat and the guardian become very happy with the fact that they can set their own relationship standards and come up with any arrangement that suits them. There are many times when details of the arrangements are kept solely between the two consensual parties. However, there are also times when some issues are openly aired. One of the many issues that are freely talked about is that the two people involved are highly satisfied with the terms of the agreement. The guardian loves being able to spoil the brat and the brat loves to be spoiled by her guardian. They both love the fact that the relationship is on their terms and they are in complete control.

Having a drama free relationship that has no strings attached might be in the best interest of both people. Every year more and more university students are seeking arrangements that offer a beneficial circumstance for everyone concerned. A brat often looks to her guardian like he is a father figure. She will come to him for advice and offer him clear communication. She will often send him photos and video chat that will be a real treat for the guardian. A reality show this good cannot be scripted and is meant to be an enjoyable experience that becomes limited only by the imagination of the people involved. It is more fun to create your own real life show without all the drama that is associated with the wonderful world of television reality shows.

One of the greatest experiences that a college student can have is the experience of paying off student loans without the stress and worry. The real experience in getting the education is not in the stresses of loan payments and expenses. The real joy of the experience starts with the friends that are made and the fun that is being had by the student during their university years. For many young students, the experience of being around older, more experienced people helps to enrich the real world experience.

Having a sugar daddy or guardian is such a blessing, not just because of financial support. The guardian takes on the role of a father figure who is helpful to the university student in several ways. As a guardian you play a lot of roles. A guardian is a friend, a daddy, a support system and company for the student. A guardian helps a university student secure their potential and helps to save them from occurring debt and encouraging them to have some fun and gain some experience that is helpful in the world. Some of the social experiences that a guardian can help with are helpful for a university student later on in their dating years. It is the dream of every male to date a girl who is rich in worldly experience and well educated. Helping a student pay off student loans and enjoy life is an important part of the overall college experience, but, the experience goes so much deeper.

Much of the experiences that the guardian helps the brat with are going to become helpful in the working world too. The guardian helps to teach financial management skills because the brat must manage the allowance given to her. There are also the skills of time management. When the guardian tells the brat that he is sending a car to pick her up, be ready by eight o’clock, it teaches the brat to manage time, another important worldly skill. Other patterns come up that involve choices, like buying a red dress or a black one and weighing all the options that go with these choices. Just because the guardian is helpful and supportive that does not mean that the relationship is all fun and games, often the relationship is helping to teach important life lessons while keeping the brat in a protective environment. This type of education helps to establish the pattern that learning life lessons can and should be fun.

An important life lesson that is instilled throughout this whole process is that people help other people whenever they can. The brat knows that with daddy’s support she can worry about her studies and passing tests that are required of her. The daddy knows that he can reach out to the brat and she will send him some photos to give him an in-depth look into her personal and university life. This relationship of sugar daddy and sugar baby creates what everyone is looking for, that is, a creative, co -supportive relationship.

If you need to pay off your student loans, maybe the sugar baby lifestyle is right for you. On the other hand, if you love to adopt a brat and have the means, why not become a guardian? There are rewards on both sides of this relationship and there is way less drama. You owe it to yourself to check it out for yourself and see where you want to take it.


Student Loans – No Security Needed

When applying for student loans when you have no security to offer then one of the first things you need to consider is the type of loan you will require. That way you will be able to easily work out, if, in fact, you actually qualify to receive one.

One of the other things to take into consideration is that if you actually do have some collateral to offer then you should definitely consider using it.

Types of Loans

Federal: Federal student loans are subsidized by the government. They always have a much lower interest rate applied to the loan because their purpose is to promote education. This interest rate is even much lower than those of housing loans.

Normally though, the term of these loans is always a lot longer. Also, the actual loan amount that you will get may not be enough to cover all of your college expenses.

These types of loans are also issued on a needs basis and so not all applicants will be successful in securing them.

The best way to see if you qualify is to contact your nearest government agency to ask them.


You can also apply for private unsecured loans that don’t need any collateral. The good thing here is that even if you don’t own a home or apartment you can still apply.

Normally with these types of loans the interest rates are always a bit higher and therefore the monthly repayments will be higher also.

This means that you will have to show the means which you have at your disposal to actually pay for the repayments.

Non Profit

It may also be possible to obtain an unsecured loan from a non-profit organization. These companies normally have lower interest charges.

They can, however, have similar restrictions to those of government type loans because they can be awarded on a ‘needs’ basis.

Normally these loans are given to those individuals who have shown extremely high performance abilities towards their studies.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

It will always be in your best interest to always conduct due diligence and search out all of your available options. Look for those companies that offer a selection of different services and also that have good customer service.

It is a good idea to outweigh each of the good and bad points from each institution, this will make your decision-making process much easier. As long as you can afford the repayment plans then you should be OK.

You can always look at different methods to make more money in other areas, such as a part time job, some sort of passive internet income or even consider your own crowdfunding gig.

I hope that you have found as much information about student loans as you require.


Student Loans – Get Money Fast

When applying for student loans, one of the most important things for you to consider is how you can get your loan approved in the fastest possible time.


Certainly, when you are just starting your study, these are the times when you have to be totally focused on the decisions you are making and this certainly includes the financial ones as well.


What is certain, is that you need to be de-stressed about your choices and helping to get your loan approved in the fastest time possible will certainly help in the de-stressing process.


Let’s look at few methods to help fast-track your finances and then let’s take a look at some methods you can help turn around the debt process and put some money back in your pocket.


Tips to Help Fast Track Your Loan


Standard Student Loan. This type of loan will give you funds almost straight away and the bonus is, that you won’t have to may repayments until after you have received your academic qualifications.

Cosigner. Having someone cosign your loan agreement will certainly speed up the approval process, certainly if your cosigner has a good credit score will also help. A cosigner can be a family member, friend or anyone who has faith in you.

Online. One of the ways to fast track your loan approval is to apply online and use the online application that the lender has available. Once your loan is approved, you will have access to the funds almost immediately.

Tips to Help You Generate a Passive Income

Blogging. This seems a bit cliché but people are making big dollars from simple blogs. Some of these blogs can cost $0 to set up and only require an hour or so a week for you to maintain them. Do a search for the ‘top ten bloggers’ and you will be amazed.

Kindle. Did you know that you can publish a book on the kindle platform in about 7 minutes? This system is so simple to use that many people are now starting to jump on board and self-publish micro-books (these are short books 10-30 pages that solve a specific problem).

Crowd-fund. This is perhaps one of the quickest ways to raise some fast capital that exists today short of winning the lottery. You can put up a short campaign on one of these sites so that ‘the crowd’ can donate to your cause. You can even get your own software and set up your own crowdfunding website in minutes.